## [1] "This data report was generated on a Tuesday. Remember, if you are comparing these regional numbers and levels to the county numbers and levels, that the two types have different data sources. County data is reported on Thursdays, and uses case data from the Thursday to Wednesday prior to the reported Thursday. It also uses hospitalization data from the Wednesday to Tuesday prior to the reported Thursday. The regional/state data presented here uses the most recent available 7 days of both case and hospitalization data. Therefore, when comparing the county and regional types, keep in mind the time period that is represented by each.\nAdditionally, for the state and regional CDC Community Level case metric, cases are counted by Referral Date. This information is subject to change as more information becomes available on new cases, therefore levels that are portrayed now or in the line charts below may differ when looking at this same report on a future date."
CDC Community Levels
Michigan Region & State as of 2022-10-11
New COVID-19 Cases per 100K
in previous 7 days
Percent Inpatient Beds
Occupied by COVID-19 Patients (7-day Avg.)
New COVID-19 Hospital Admissions per 100K
in previous 7 days
CDC Community Level
1 Detroit Region 125.5 4.5% 11.7 Medium
2 Grand Rapids Region 72.8 5.0% 10.1 Medium
3 Kalamazoo Region 79.8 6.2% 7.6 Low
4 Saginaw Region 99.5 4.0% 10.4 Medium
5 Lansing Region 139.4 6.5% 9.3 Low
6 Traverse City Region 100.9 4.5% 9.2 Low
7 Jackson Region 147.7 5.1% 10.2 Medium
8 Upper Peninsula Region 109.8 4.7% 7.0 Low
9 State 112.3 4.7% 10.5 Medium
CDC Methodology is followed, though only state available data is applied.

CDC Community Level Map - State & Region Level